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Show me what you’ve built.

Join our Community for product builders and put the theory into practice by working on a side project with a team of ambitious peers and support of experienced mentors.

Start a side project
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Why everyone needs a side project ?

How many more online courses and certificates do you want to take? 

Building something is the best way to gain real experience.



Learn and practice new skills


Get experience for your next career move

Build a product with a team and mentors

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 How it works


Who we are

Aspiring Builders

We are a diverse group of professionals, united by a common goal of learning from each other and collaboratively building our first products.

Future Entrepreneurs

We are aspiring entrepreneurs and side hustlers who seek to test hypotheses, create new revenue streams, build innovative solutions and enhance leadership skills.

Career Boosters

We believe in learning by doing and that building real products with teams is the key to a successful career transition and growth.

Product Leaders

We are seasoned product leaders with a desire to mentor emerging tech talent. Our aim is to empower individuals to take ownership of their careers and reach their full potential as product builders.

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Career transitions of our builders


Featured Projects

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Success stories from our community

Landed a job

SIDE PRJCT played a huge part in my career when I was an aspiring Product Manager! Here, I found my first product team, and we got together to ideate, build, test, and demo a more inclusive solution to an actual problem. SIDE PRJCT gave me a setting where I could shift into a “grow by trying” mindset, building the practical experience I needed to help bring PMs, designers, and engineers together. I talked about it at least 75% in my interviews. Call me a power user, but I love the community SIDE PRJCT inspires best of all.


Karen Kim

Product Manager at Mozilla

Gained real-world experience

Joining SIDE PRJCT was one of the best decisions I've made as a junior software engineer coming out of a coding bootcamp. I was able to gain real-world experience working in a structured team environment with a project manager, designers, and experienced mentors. This filled in the missing gap from coding bootcamp.


Michael Chen

Software Developer at Whiplash


Our Mentors

We have a team of outstanding mentors from the global companies and top startups in various industries, including edtech, music, fintech, gaming, and more.
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Build your future

Starter Pass

Perfect for those who want to access our community and resources and find a team for the next side project.

  • Access to our community and resources

  • Monthly Q&A sessions with industry experts

  • Access to workshops to help you build products from 0 to MVP

  • Community events to help you find team members and projects to join

  • Builder vibes


​Builder Pass

Perfect for those who want to take their career to the next level and are ready to hit the ground building products leveraging all of our resources, mentorship and programs.

  • Access to our community and resources

  • Monthly Q&A sessions with industry experts

  • Unlimited access to all workshops

  • Unlimited access to all Sprints

  • Unlimited access to Project-based mentorship

  • Builder vibes

  • Cancel anytime


/ month


Community membership that helps you build your first product.



When should I consider joining the SIDE PRJCT Community?

If you are an aspiring PM, designer, or engineer in the midst of career change or have the desire to pursue an entrepreneurial journey but do not really know where to start, by becoming a member of our community, you will be able to deliver a successful side project, get feedback from industry professionals and boost your career.


Do I need to have a team in order to join?

No. We will help you find the right teammates and make sure to provide you with actionable advice on how to build the right team for your project and which pitfalls to avoid.


What would be my time commitment?

It depends on how much time you have at your disposal. If you have 15-20 hours per week to invest in your side project and want to go the immersive route, we would be happy to support you! However, we have also seen our members who could only invest 5-10 hours per week and prefer a moderate pace achieve outstanding results as well.


How much time on average do people invest into a side project?

Given the experience of our members, they invest somewhere between 3 and 9 months but it depends on how much time you invest weekly, your motivations and end goal.


What is a Sprint? 

Glad you asked! We define Sprints as a 2-week long practical cohort-based building experience focused on a specific deliverable, for example, a ready-to-build concept, tested prototype, prioritized roadmap, or a shipped MVP. Sprints build on each other, but you can decide how often and when to participate. We shifted to a Sprints model instead of a one-size-fits-all 12-week Accelerator model because it accounts for different learning speeds and various life events that might happen while you build. 


What kind of support do I get as a Builder Pass Member?

As a Builder Pass Member you will get the maximum support to help you succeed with your project. You are gaining unlimited access to our Sprint programs which will take you from 0 to MVP, as well as all workshops and project-specific mentorship. 

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