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Resume is overrated.

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Show me what you’ve built.

Put theory into practice by working on a side project.

Start a side project
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Why everyone needs a side project ?

Online courses and certificates are not enough to show what you can do.

Building something, is the best way to help you stand out.



Learn and practice new skills


Get experience for your portfolio and resume

Build a project with a team

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 How it works

Who is on SIDE PRJCT?


Product Managers





More roles coming soon. Drop us a message if you want to join but do not see your role.


Featured Projects

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Success stories from our community

Landed a job

SIDE PRJCT played a huge part in my career when I was an aspiring Product Manager! Here, I found my first product team, and we got together to ideate, build, test, and demo a more inclusive solution to an actual problem. SIDE PRJCT gave me a setting where I could shift into a “grow by trying” mindset, building the practical experience I needed to help bring PMs, designers, and engineers together. I talked about it at least 75% in my interviews. Call me a power user, but I love the community SIDE PRJCT inspires best of all.


Karen Kim

Product Manager at Mozilla

Let’s build together.

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Join our growing community today!

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